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ICC - Mission Statement

In all fields of life, the quality of water is of fundamental importance for human health. Intensive worldwide activities reflect this relevance in the areas of research and science.

To do justice to this significant role, Vienna University of Technology (TU) and the Medical University of Vienna (MedUni) now officially established – after a 2 year pilot stage – the Interuniversity Cooperation Center Water & Health.

Our Center has two main focuses – research and teaching at the international level and scientific leadership in the areas of water and health in the national context as a competent partner for both the public sector and business.

Our activities focus on the development of innovative concepts, new physico-chemical, microbiological and biomolecular methods as well as numerical models for water quality investigation in terms of hygiene. Apart from their involvement with the direct use and/or usability of water by humans, these concepts/methods/models serve also as a basis for the scientific investigation of aquatic systems.

The findings are then used to derive effective and sustainable management policies related to the type of use (drinking water, bathing water, water for medical purposes etc.). Thus the preventive aspiration with regard to the impact on human health and the additional social benefit are directly linked to the scientific activities of the research cooperation.