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MedUni-Water Hygiene

The Water Hygiene Division is concerned with the interrelation of human health and the quality of drinking water and drinking water resources, water in hospitals and for medical applications, bathing water and surface waters as well as wastewater. The prevention of water-associated diseases can only be successful if the systems are viewed under holistic as well as ecological aspects. The findings are reflected in scientific publications and implemented in national and international standards, guidelines and rules, thus responding to social responsibility both scientifically and with a direct bearing on health.

As the first test and inspection center accredited with the Medical University of Vienna, we use our expertise in the fields of chemical, microbiological and treatment technology to offer water hygiene reports and technical support, especially for hospitals, water utilities, authorities and specialist companies. Within the scope of our water treatment activities, we operate one of the world’s four testing facilities for UV disinfection plants at Wasser-Technikum Wiental. We are especially committed to transferring knowledge to society within the scope of university classes, lectures, advanced training courses, collaborating in the establishment of the technical foundations of laws and ordinances/regulations, compiling national and international standards and providing advice.

Medical University of Vienna –  Water Hygiene Division