M.Sc. and B.Sc. theses

Diploma theses and bachelor theses

Georg KERBER: TU Wien - Hydrology
Topic: 3D Grundwasserströmungs- und Transportmodellierung der Donauinsel für den Bereich der Entnahmebrunnen der Stadt Wien

: MedUniWien - Water Hygiene
Topic: Kultivierungsunabhängige Erregerdiagnostik der mikrobiologischen Besiedelung explantierter Hüft- und Kniegelenksprothesen aus Sonikationsflüssigkeiten

Oliver SCHNEEBERGER: MedUniWien - Water Hygiene
Thema: The impact of Giardia lamblia in waste water management

Finished diploma/bachelor-theses

Azra MUSTEDANAGIC: MedUniWien - Water Hygiene
Topic: Specific detection and quantification of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli with CARD-FISH and solid phase cytometry

Bettina PREMM
: MedUni Wien - Water Hygiene
Topic: Detektion und Quantifizierung von Legionella spp mittels Fluoreszenz-In-Situ Hybridisierung in Kombination mit Festphasenzytometrie

Christian SCHOBESBERGER: MedUni Wien - Water Hygiene
Topic: Detection of Vibrio cholerae O1 and Vibrio cholerae O139 phages in Lake Neusiedler See

Lukas ANTONITSCH: MedUni Wien - Water Hygiene
Topic: Quantifizierung von Vibrio cholerae nonO1/nonO139 Phagen im Neusiedler See

Sabrina SMELIK
: MedUni Wien - Water hygiene/FH Wiener Neustadt (Biomed. Analytik)
Topic: Typing of Vibrio cholerae Isolates and enrichment cultures from Lake Neusiedler See and adjacent soda pools with a multiplex-PCR method

Michael RIEPL: MedUni Wien - Water Hygiene
Topic: Applicability of solid phase cytometry and epifluorescence microscopy for rapid assessment of the microbiological quality of dialysis water

Michael ATTENEDER: MedUni Wien - Water hygiene
Topic: Holy springs and holy water: Underestimated sources of illness?

Manuel ADAM: MedUni Wien - Water hygiene
Topic: Interaction between zooplankton-associated bacteria and Vibrio cholerae in Lake Neusiedler See

Julian FÜHRER: MedUni Wien - Water Hygiene
Topic: Detection and Quantification of Legionella pneumophila via fluorescence-in-situ-hybridisation in combination with solid phase cytometry

Carina PRETZER: MedUniWien - Water Hygiene
Topic: Quantification of Vibrio cholerae nonO1/nonO139 phages in lake Neusiedler See