Doctoral theses

Doctoral candidates

Inge VAN DRIEZUM: TU Wien - Hydrologie
Topic: Sources and transport of contaminants in a riverbank filtration system

Rupert BLIEM: MedUni Wien - Wasserhygiene
Topic: Development of real-time PCR and molecular typing methods for quantification and differentiation of Vibrio cholerae strains in the environment and for laboratory studies

Christina FRICK: TU Wien - Umweltmikrobiologie/Institut für Umweltmedizin (MA39)
Topic: Applicability of Escherichia coli and enterococci as faecal indicators in a temperate alluvial backwater and large river system

: MedUni Wien - Wasserhygiene
Topic: Health relevance of viable but non-culturable Legionellae

: TU Wien – Hydrologie
Topic: Fate and transport of microorganisms in an alluvial gravel aquifer

: TU Wien – Umweltmikrobiologie
Topic: Exploring the full information content of genetic faecal markers for next generation water safety management